Year 6 Information

If you have any messages, queries or concerns, please feel free to speak to me, at the beginning (if a quick message) or the end of the school day.

Homework – Handed out Friday, returned Wednesday


  • READING! Very important!  Children should read at least five times a week – you can only improve if you practice! It is vital that you read with your child and question their understanding.
  • Spellings are to be learnt on a weekly basis for a test on Friday. Children will also have up to five personal spellings to learn which they will be asked to write in their  #
  • English -children will also receive a piece of written homework, this could be comprehension, a challenge, a letter etc, or a piece of research.
  • Maths homework is given out each week and will either focus on the four calculations (+ – x ÷). These should be written out into maths homework books and not completed on the sheet (unless stated).  Or be related to the work in the classroom that week.
  • Mental maths test will take place weekly on a Thursday


Children are expected to learn their times tables and division facts  at home and in school (Up to 12 x 12).  The children will have tests which will be random.

  • All homework is due in on a Wednesday


Homework club takes place on Friday lunchtime for any incomplete or forgotten homework.


Homework Diary

  • Parents are asked to sign and confirm that homework has been completed in the homework diary. Parents will also be able to see the results of spelling tests, times table tests, big maths, mental maths tests or arithmetic tests.


  • The homework diary will be checked in school each week.


Physical Education

  • PE. takes place twice a week. Pupils are required to have their full kit and trainers please, not pumps. At times your child will also need a change of clothes for sports on the field. Tracksuit bottoms and a light jumper would be great.


What we will be learning


Reading, Writing and Mathematics daily.

Topics throughout the year – Survival, Britten’s Got Talent, Heroes and Villains, Super Sleuth, Oh! I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside, however these may change.

Where possible all areas of the curriculum will be linked to our topics, although some areas are taught as discreet subjects.


We believe in praise and rewards for hard work and good behaviour: –

  • Verbal praise
  • Team points
  • Stickers
  • Star Pupils
  • Showing work to Head Teacher
  • Green slip sent home to share good behaviour with parents

Unfortunately, children do break school rules occasionally!

  • A traffic light system is used as an initial sanction when class rules are broken with a yellow slip sent home to inform you. (one missed playtime)
  • You will be informed of more serious inappropriate behaviour via a red slip sent home. (two missed playtimes)

A quick reminder that all holidays taken in school term time will be unauthorised.

Please feel free to pop in and see me at the end of the school day if you have any concerns or worries.

Thank you

Mrs Tyrer